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Navigate to a new era of protection with BT MBS. Safeguard your home and business to unparalleled standards.

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Discover our Services

Optimise your space's energy efficiency and comfort with BT MBS cutting-edge insulation offerings.

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With DIGNA PLUS, experience the perfect indoor climate all year round. Embrace every season in utmost comfort.

Modern Building Solutions

Where Insulation Meets Innovation

At Modern Building Solutions, we blend innovation with unparalleled quality through our advanced DIGNA PLUS technology, setting new benchmarks in the construction industry. Our team embodies both passion and professionalism, ensuring not only top-tier product quality but also a sincere commitment to environmental stewardship.

Our services

Excellence in Thermal Insulation Solutions

At Modern Building Solutions, we focus on delivering advanced and comprehensive thermal insulation solutions. Our specialised knowledge, combined with innovative thin-layer coatings, ensures the utmost protection for your home or business.

Expertise and Experience

Our team is made up of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the industry. We promise precision, commitment, and the highest standard of service.

Versatile Applications

Whether it's a residential property, school, office, retail outlet, or warehouse, our services will meet all your insulation needs.

Energy Efficiency

Our thermo-reflective coatings from DIGNA PLUS reduce energy consumption, translating to significant savings on your heating and cooling bills – up to 40% for heating and 70% for cooling.

Quality Assurance

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. We have faith in the effectiveness of our coatings and are confident they'll meet your thermal insulation expectations.

Advanced Technology

Emphasizing your use of innovative technology can set you apart from competitors. It also shows that you are forward-thinking and stay updated with the latest in the industry.

Benefits for Your Building

This point directly communicates the advantages a client would get for their building, making it an essential point to include.

The Future of Thermal Insulation


DIGNA PLUS represents a modern and groundbreaking solution in thermal insulation, significantly enhancing thermal comfort and driving remarkable energy savings. Whether you’re an investor, architect, or contractor, DIGNA PLUS equips you with the essential tools to design a building that meets the pinnacle of energy efficiency standards.

Digna Plus Interior


A stellar interior solution that, by reflecting over 93% of heat waves, ensures optimum thermal conditions and can yield energy savings of up to 40%.

Digna Plus Outdoor


Fortify your building's facade against the adverse effects of solar radiation. With this coating, facades will absorb less heat, leading to reduced air conditioning costs.

Digna Plus Top


The ideal roofing solution that guards against excessive heating and helps maintain a consistent temperature inside the building.

Digna Plus Bond


A plaster compound that reflects over 93% of solar energy, providing exceptional protection for a building's facade.

Ecology and safety

The Sustainable and Eco-friendly Choice

Technologically advanced, DIGNA PLUS coatings are deliberately formulated to be environment friendly, safe for health and free from harmful substances. Importantly, these coatings maintain their efficacy over time and don’t require more frequent renovations than the typical solutions in the market.

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