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At Modern Building Solutions, we focus on delivering advanced and comprehensive thermal insulation solutions. Our specialised knowledge, combined with innovative thin-layer coatings, ensures the utmost protection for your home or business.

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Our Services

Professional Thermal Insulation

Leveraging cutting-edge technology and materials from the DIGNA PLUS range, we provide comprehensive insulation solutions ensuring optimal thermal comfort for every type of structure.

Consultation and Advisory Services

Our experienced team of specialists is on hand to offer advice and consultancy tailored to your unique insulation requirements.

Energy Efficiency

We assist in slashing heating and cooling costs with our innovative thermo-reflective coatings, which can lead to savings of up to 70%.

Protective Coating Application

We provide professional application of the DIGNA PLUS insulation coatings, which not only protect against environmental elements but also enhance the longevity of structures.

Versatile Solutions for Buildings

Whether it's a residential property, office block, warehouse, or retail space, we deliver tailored insulation solutions suitable for every kind of premises.

Eco-Friendly Insulations

We're committed to environmentally friendly practices. Our products are 100% sustainable, underscoring our dedication to planet preservation.

Quality Assurance

We're so confident in the performance of our coatings that we offer a satisfaction guarantee to all our clients.

Training and Workshops

For those keen on deepening their knowledge in modern insulation technologies, we organise regular training sessions and workshops led by industry experts.

Specialist Surveys and Analysis

We conduct thermographic surveys of buildings, enabling precise evaluation and assessment of a structure's insulation needs.

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DIGNA PLUS products are continuation of development of the IZOLPLUS brand which is covered by patent.

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