About Us

About Us

Modern Building Solutions

At Modern Building Solutions, we blend innovation with unparalleled quality through our advanced DIGNA PLUS technology, setting new benchmarks in the construction industry. Our team embodies both passion and professionalism, ensuring not only top-tier product quality but also a sincere commitment to environmental stewardship.


Why Choose Us

Extended Warranty

15 years warranty on our thermal insulation coatings.

Team of Professionals

A collective of dedicated scientists, engineers, and designers leading the industry.

Innovative Technology

Harnessing the advanced DIGNA PLUS technology to redefine construction standards.

Eco-friendly Approach

Committed to reducing CO2 emissions and promoting environmentally responsible solutions.

Cost-effective Solutions

Energy-efficient products designed to generate significant savings for our clients.

Customer-Centric Vision

Ensuring tailored solutions and expert consultation to meet individual client needs.

Architects of Tomorrow

Shaping the Future of Construction

BT MBS, forged by scientists, seasoned engineers, creative designers, and construction industry specialists, stands as the heart of our company. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainable development, we are not just building for the present but, more importantly, with the future in mind. We firmly believe that every structure deserves the very best – energy-efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is clear: to offer our clients savings while simultaneously focusing on CO2 emission reduction. DIGNA PLUS exemplifies this objective. We aim to be leaders in the field of thermal insulation, delivering solutions that not only meet the current market demands but also contribute to a better tomorrow.

Contact Us

Get in touch for enquiries or assistance

Have any queries or concerns? Please let us know – we’re here to clarify every aspect of our offering. Let’s arrange a meeting, and we’ll provide a bespoke quote just for you. Rest assured, you’ll be pleased with our collaboration. We await your call or message!

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